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March 1, 2022

What Causes Property Values to Drop?

What Causes Property Values to Drop? 

The price a house will sell for is determined by a variety of factors, some of which the homeowner can influence and others that are out of his or her control. Before they place their property on the market, every homeowner should do all possible to improve it in order to get the highest sale price feasible.

Sometimes, small repairs and renovations here and there might raise the value of a property, but things in your neighborhood or natural catastrophes may work against you. It's typical for homeowners to have factors about their home that are undesirable and lowering its value, yet they tend on living with them.

However, failing to address any problems that occur will gradually but consistently lower the market value of your property when it is time to sell.

You might also want to take note of the key factors that can lower home value, so you may evaluate the measures you can take to prevent or fix them.

Finally, be aware that while attempting to make your property more attractive, you may annoy potential buyers, which will lower the home's value.

The more people want a home, the more its value rises. That being said, there are several factors that can decrease the value of your property.

What Causes Property Values to Drop?  

Many Houses on the Market at Once 


When many homeowners announce the same time that their properties are for sale, prospective buyers are spoiled for choice. The seller usually cuts the price of a home to make it stand out and attract more interest from a buyer.

When an identical house in a neighborhood sells for considerably less than the rest, buyers perceive that there are more distressed homes for sale. This sets off a chain reaction, with additional sellers lowering their home prices and knocking down the value of all comparable houses in the area.

Unfortunately, this is something one person cannot manage; as a result, you are forced to choose between following the crowd and lowering your price, or keeping your price and waiting for the market to turn. What will happen here depends on how desperate a homeowner is to sell their home.


The State of the Neighborhood


Even if a home is beautiful, it will be less appealing if it is in an area with excessive noise. This might be the case because the house is near an airport, a railway track, or a busy road that would make it hard for purchasers to live there.


A house is worth less if it's surrounded by landfills, power plants, and building sites. Landfills, power plants, and construction sites all devalue a home. The crime rate is also significant because no one wants to live in a neighborhood where they could be mugged.

If a neighborhood was safe before, when it is infested with criminality, the value of its houses will plummet since only a few people would be willing to live there.


Repairing is Necessary 



Because purchasers would be turned off by the prospect of budgeting money to repair things that are not in good working order, any property with minor problems will be valued far less than one without.

Also, attempting to sell a home with major issues gives a poor first impression, and anybody still willing to invest in the property needs to be rewarded. A large price reduction is often a suitable incentive.

To prevent property depreciation like this, get the expertise of professionals like Kay Peterson at Marvelous Desert Homes to do an excellent job and make your home appealing to purchasers.


External Appearances That Are Unsightly 


A home may have everything a potential buyer is looking for, but if it does not appeal to them from the exterior, they will be less inclined to purchase it. It's quite easy to overlook retouching your house's paint, yet it might be the reason why a buyer is hesitant to buy your property – lowering the value of your home.

If you want to make a good first impression on visitors, cover up peeling, cracked, and outdated paint by getting them to repaint the damaged walls.

However, if you invest time and money on retouching the paint, it's conceivable that the color you choose will displease people who should be interested in the house.

External Appearances That Are Unsightly

Even though they don't like the paint job, someone who still intends to purchase your home would want you to lower its value in order for them to have money available to make their own modifications. However, if you want to avoid this altogether, select popular house colors when considering a paint retouching project.

The yard is another aspect of appearance to consider, since it is one of the things that first impressions are formed by. If neglected, it would severely reduce the worth of your home.

The yard must be in excellent condition before you put your house on the market since having a strong curb appeal aids in the sale of property. If there's a pool that isn't clean, a rotting wood fence, an abandoned shed, and so forth, it might deter potential buyers and lower the value of the home even more because they'd have to spend more money to fix it


Indoor Appearance Is Unappealing 


This is a variant of the preceding point, but it's focused inside the home. If someone interested in purchasing your property enters and sees a terrible paint job or damaged flooring, they'll be more likely to negotiate a lower price than you first intended.

If you want to improve the look of your space, use common and family-friendly hues. Keep essential areas like the kitchen and restrooms in mind since any buyer would be interested in them. They can reduce the value of your property if not catered for.

When houses are kept up, they may decrease in value due to changing trends. Some items become out of style over time, so if your home's permanent features like windows get less fashionable, the property may lose value since it will be less popular than more recent ones.


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Feb. 22, 2022

Is Palm Desert A Good Place to Retire?

For many years, Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley has been recognized as a great location to visit for a quick fun break, with people seeking to escape the fast pace of California's densely populated areas.


However, as retirees begin to desire to have fun and peace of mind after leaving their active jobs behind, Palm Desert has attracted people seeking this. There are several interesting things to do in the area that will keep retirees busy during the time they reside there.


When compared to other California cities, Palm Desert homes are reasonably priced. This is one of the reasons why Palm Desert is a great retirement location.


Is palm desert a good place to retire? 

Affordable Tax and Living Cost


The cost of living in Palm Desert is reasonable, and retirees may save money by not spending too much money on food. Furthermore, when compared to other California cities, transportation, utility, and housing costs are all reasonably priced.


Houses in the area can be purchased for as little as $300,000, which is a good deal when you take into consideration all of the social amenities accessible.


There are additional tax advantages to be had when retirees buy houses in Palm Desert, and the values of these properties have been on a continuous rise for many years.


Utility bills are not overly expensive in the community, so homeowners may save money and have more to spend on more interesting things.


Avenue for Recreational Activities


Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a fun way to see the city's beautiful mountain vistas. Hikers may go for excursions in places like Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.


People can also scale rocks in locations such as Tahquitz Peak or run for miles in Chino Canyon.


There are a few more relaxing locations to visit if you want to enjoy nature's beauty, such as the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.


There are several animals to see and enjoy at the zoo. Furthermore, there is a botanical garden for retirees to look at fossils, gold-mine relics, crystals, and desert vegetation.


Palm Desert residents might also explore Palm Springs's history and culture at the city's museums. For example, in the Palm Springs Air Museum, visitors may see aircraft from World War II; at Tramway Gas Station, architectural marvels are on exhibit.


There are golf courses, casinos, and spas for leisure and enjoyment. Palm Desert residents enjoy wonderful meals that appeal to the new inhabitants moving into the city.


Also, in the region, there are fresh food items and health goods that may be purchased at farmers' markets or local health shops.


The McCallum Theatre and other concert halls in the Coachella Valley provide entertainment for retirees who enjoy music. Shoppers may also satisfy their desires at several shopping malls in the city, including The El Paseo shops and the Westfield Shopping Mall.


Is palm desert a great place to retire?


Favorable Climatic Condition


Palm Desert has over 300 days of sunshine each year. Palm Desert's weather is warm and dry nearly all year, with temperatures ranging from 80 to 115 degrees in the summer and 40 to 80 degrees in the winter.


The winter season is short in this area, and the summer seasons are long. The mild climate reduces the chances of catching the flu, which is good for relaxing and having a wonderful time rather than going to colder climes. Furthermore, sunlight exposure is an excellent source of vitamin D, and the dry heat in this desert - unlike that found in tropical


The beautiful mountains of Palm Desert also provide a sense of peace.


Good Economy


Palm Desert is a center of real estate hospitality, tourist activities, and healthcare services. Retirees also migrate to Palm Desert and use the recreational sites, casinos, country clubs, hotels, and other businesses that employ a lot of people, keeping money in circulation.


Palm Desert's economic center has been shifting for years, yet it always bounces back. This keeps the value of houses roughly constant, even when the economy improves. As a result, it gives Palm Desert a stronger appeal to seniors who are contemplating whether or not to relocate there.


Palm Desert offers a high quality of life, which is particularly remarkable when you consider that it is less expensive to live there than in most other California cities.


Awesome Healthcare Services


The city's hospitals are some of the finest in the country, which is usually advantageous to retirees since they are among the elderly.


Adult care is highly regarded in the United States, with several hospitals in the Coachella Valley, such as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Eisenhower Medical Center, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, and Palm Springs Urgent Care Center ranked highly.


There are doctors of almost every specialty in nearly every healthcare setting, such as clinics, hospitals, and medical centers.


Everyone desires a feeling of confidence in their health, and at Palm Desert, your well-being will be looked after.




Palm Desert is one of the greatest places to live in California; you may choose to spend your retirement days there. Because of the numerous recreational areas that line the region, the city is not devoid of fun activities.


If you want to be near Mother Nature, retirees can go on long walks, climb rocks, and visit zoos or biological gardens. The city has casinos, retail malls, country clubs, music halls, and a variety of other entertainment options.


There are a lot of healthcare services in the area for older people to use when they begin experiencing any medical difficulties.


The warm weather and year-round sunshine are ideal for vacations and outdoor activities.



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Feb. 15, 2022

What Are My Options When It Comes to Selling a Home and Buying Another?

Do you want to sell your property and relocate to a new home at the same time? That's wonderful. But, if your closings don't match, things can get complicated.

Ideally, you'd want to complete this shift in a single day... Isn't it true that you only sell the old home and purchase a new one? In reality, however, it is not quite so simple.

It is straightforward enough to sell a property, but it might make closing on a new one more difficult. Plus, you may end up with two mortgages.

Because no home is worth being caught up in financial difficulty, you should know how to buy and sell a house at the same time.

Do you want to know how to make the process go as smoothly as possible? Continue reading for more information.

There are several choices if you're buying and selling your home at the same time; let's take a look at a few.

Buying a House Before Selling Your Home

It's not simple to buy a house and subsequently sell another. Although it is not out of the question since you may discover your ideal property before you put your old one on the market. Here is what you should do if that's the case:

Keep the First Home for a Short Time

If you want to sell your house quickly, you'll need to be able to cover both mortgages if the process takes longer than anticipated.

Yes, you guessed correctly; having more money is important. And you'll need enough cash to make a down payment, pay closing costs, and avoid homelessness.

The safest solution is to keep both houses since you won't have to get yourself into a dangerous situation by choosing for a house sale contingency.

We didn't forget to tell you that maintaining both houses is the most financially demanding thing you'll ever do.

It is!

If you're thinking about selling your home, now is not the time to do it. Only if your finances will stand up under strain should you pursue this option. The greatest benefit is that you have the ability to put your property on the market at a more favorable moment.

Include a Sale Contingency in Your Offer to Boost Your Chances of Acceptance

If you take this path, you won't be able to purchase a new house until you sell the old one. If you don't have enough cash to keep both properties, the sale contingency is an excellent option.

However, it is not the finest choice unless there is a buyer's market since home sellers may still sell it to someone ready. This happens more frequently if the seller wants to close the property as soon as possible.

Even if they don't sell it to someone else, you can still lose your property if it doesn't sell in the time frame you planned.

●   Take out a bridge loan.

Borrowers may obtain bridge loans from banks in order to buy and sell houses at the same time. Even before you locate a real estate agent, you must verify your eligibility for this loan.

The down payment for the home you want to buy is covered by this bridge loan. You may repay the bridge loan with money from the sales of your current property.

Apply for a bridge loan

Keep in mind that a bridge loan can go sour quickly. If you can't sell your home within the allotted time, you'll still have a huge debt to pay off - one with significantly higher interest rates and more stringent conditions.

If you decide to take out a bridge loan, look for a real estate agent who has dealt with similar situations before. Why? If you make a mistake in the timing of your home sale, you'll be responsible for an outstanding debt.

Selling Before You Buy

This is the ideal method to protect yourself against a potential catastrophe by buying after you've already sold. To begin with, it has less risk, and secondly, you don't have to worry about whether everything will go smoothly while you're sleeping.

The finest aspect of selling before buying is that you'll be in control of your finances. Consider no loans, no additional costs from managing two houses, and the enhanced benefit of knowing how much you'll make from the sale before making an offer on the new location.

One major disadvantage is that you may be homeless until you reach an agreement on a new home. There are several choices to examine if you're selling before buying, and some of them are applicable here as well. Let's have a look at these alternatives, shall we?

●    Consider renting for a short period of time.

If you don't have relatives or friends in the immediate area, a short-term rental may be necessary. You could only rent for 30 days, but be aware that it will be more expensive than a year-long lease.

You may also be charged for storage if the rental is large or if you're moving a lot of items out.

consider renting first

●    Make a contingency plan for renting back your property.

Many first-time homebuyers are unlikely to accept this. However, the Rent-Back contingency allows you to rent your old house for a 30- or 45-day period after it has been sold.

If it works, it'll be a place to stay while you finish on the new house you just purchased. What else could make this situation sweeter? You won't have to worry about finding a storage space or paying for moving expenses. If you get a tenant, you'll have to do both things.

●    Time the Settlement Dates

Timing is much more convenient and choice than it would be if you bought before selling. This will save you money and make the house purchase and sale process less complicated.

You'll have to sell your home while also looking at house listings. If everything goes as planned, the settlement days for the house you're selling and the one you're buying would be on the same day. You may then move into your new house from your old one.

Navigating the treacherous waters of buying a new house while also selling your current home might be tough. However, with the appropriate real estate agent, you can successfully manage these hazardous seas. To receive the assistance you require, contact 760 399 2420 or send an email to Marvelous Desert Homes




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Feb. 8, 2022

What Are the Most Important Things to Know When Staging Your Home?


Staging a home involves making it look attractive to potential purchasers, prompting them to buy the property for prices greater than its original worth.

Rather than providing them with a list of furnishings and decorating the home, you'd want to set it up in such a manner that people touring the premises would be able to picture themselves living there.

You'll sell a house faster than you would if you didn't stage it if you do it the right way. The majority of realtors feel that staging has a big influence on how potential buyers perceive a home, allowing them to decide whether or not to pay for it.

Staging your home is crucial because it helps the vendor reduce how long their property stays on the market. As a result, they put out a lot of time and effort preparing their house for sale. Fortunately, you don't need much money to effectively stage your property, so here are some ideas to get you started.


Remove your personal items 

Staging a property for sale entails preparing it so that a buyer may consider it their own. You don't want your personal belongings to be visible. Make the arrangement as general as possible while retaining as much flair and charm as feasible so the house appears to be the buyer's rather than the seller's property.

Remove any framed or personal photographs that were hung on the wall or placed on table surfaces. Remove all of your personal belongings, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, bathing soaps, and other items.

Take down anything that represents a religious faith to create a non-intrusive environment. When the buyer goes through the home, they'll have a clear mind because all of these things are gone.


Clean the House from Top to Bottom 

Make sure you're fully prepared to clean every nook and cranny of the home, as if it were being rewarded points for it. A sparkling clean house is more appealing, so make sure everything is spotless.

Remove cobwebs, dust the windows, wipe the kitchen surfaces, mop the floors, clean the toilets, scrub the bathrooms. It gives a home a sense of well-being when it is completely clean.

Clean every nook and cranny to the degree you would if you were cleaning a new house. Now is not the time to skip cleaning underneath sofas; work hard, and it will pay off.


The key areas that should be staged include:

When staging, you may not want to focus on every part of the home. Because not all rooms are equally essential, you should make informed decisions about where to concentrate your efforts. When potential clients visit your property for inspection, they aren't evaluating it as a whole; instead, they're examining specific features.


The kitchen, master bedroom, living room, patio, and so on should all be attended to. The majority of your resources should be focused in these areas. Because the client would not be too concerned about them for the time being, put less effort into – but do not overlook – children's rooms, guest bedrooms, attics, storage spaces etc


Remove Unnecessary Items from View 

There are numerous items in your home that take up room. It is critical for potential buyers to see as much space as possible when touring a property.

Remove any unnecessary objects, such as coats, books, and board games - items you don't have to use on a daily basis. You don't have to get rid of these things; packing them in a cardboard box is fine.

Cloth items like sheets and linen in your closet should also be removed because buyers would inspect them to see whether they have enough space to store their 'stuff' when they move in. The less cluttered the closet appears when they look at it, the more appealing it will appear.


Create a Positive First Impression 

When bringing someone to your house for a brief time, they would begin forming their opinion as soon as they enter your yard, so make the curb appeal.

Takedown decorations that are only for a limited time, such as Christmas lights and Halloween pumpkins. Sweep, wash, and dry the front porch if necessary; clean the handrails with a dust cloth.

Include a front door doormat and some healthy potted plants to add emphasis. However, keep in mind that too many of these may give the buyer a negative impression as he or she approaches the home.


Let There Be Enough Light 

If the interior of your house is too dark, you will not receive the impression you desire. Allow light in and provide for adequate ventilation to avoid it feeling stuffy. Open the windows or blinds to let in more air but assure that the yard view remains clean and attractive.

You may leave the blinds closed if you are not comfortable with the view of the yard from any window in the house, but ensure that there is enough lighting in the room.

let there be enough light

Put the light bulbs in if you have them, and add lamps if necessary. Leaving the lights on might save the buyer time by eliminating any confusion about where to find the light switches. It also indicates that the house's electricity is in good working order, implying that no improvements are required.


You Can Repair Anything That Isn't Working Properly 

If there are any small patches where the paint is wearing away, carefully cover them with more paint to ensure that it adheres to the surrounding. Repair faulty electric outlets, damaged ceiling boards, leaking faucets, and other problems. These things not only demonstrate that the property was well cared for and in good working order but also show how much love

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Feb. 1, 2022

How to Make Single-Level Homes Appear Larger


A single-story house during a lockdown may make one wish the home was larger, especially if you spend lots of time with family. At times, everyone may be in each other's way, which is inconvenient.

A solution that comes to mind is to demolish a wall or two inside the house to make more room; this workout isn't only costly, but it will take effort and may not be feasible - if the home's structure does not allow it.

However, there are several simple methods for making a one-story house bigger without changing its basic design.


Clear All Your Stuff 

Take a look in the center of your home and find things that aren't used on a daily basis. These items should be stored on a shelf or a cardboard box. Anything larger than a watermelon should be considered during this phase.

Clear all your stuff

Occasionally, the things intended to adorn may contribute to this stuffy atmosphere, so consider taking some away. Use big framed photographs or artworks, lovely flower vases, and attractive wall clocks as your main pieces of decoration because they look fantastic and don't take up much room.

Also, consider your sofa. If it is larger than required, a smaller one will provide more area in the home.


Do Not Depend on Overhead Lights 

Having a single source of light at the center of the living area of a single-story home does not help to accurately showcase the amount of space the home has because the light will not get to all corners of the house.

To make your home look more spacious, add a few additional lights. To highlight the room and give it depth, add tiny lights in strategic areas throughout the house. Desk lamps may be used on little desks and provide a diffuse glow that makes the light dispense evenly, making surfaces appear further distant than they actually are.


In one area of the home, there should be distinct spaces for many functions. 

Set aside specific areas in the living room for various activities. Instead of viewing the entire area, individuals would be more concentrated on one location at a time as a result of this strategy.

Rugs can be a terrific way to separate out sections of your home for different activities, as they don't seem out of place and make the floor area appear greater. Because small rugs would be the focus, they work better.

The use of large carpets on the floor might make other areas appear to have shrunk, giving a view that was not intended. Furniture should also be used to distinguish these disconnected regions.


Artworks, images and shelves take on a new significance. 

Hanging your art and photographs higher up on the walls will increase the area in a single-story home. Shelves should also be set higher up, and since the eyes tend to focus on these things, the walls will appear to be taller than they are.

When the walls in a house appear higher, it appears to be less confined than when shelves are positioned lower. This advice not only "gives" you more space, but it also gives your home a more luxurious appearance. The paintings and photographs should be hung lower “pulls” down the ceiling with them rather than providing the intended effect


It's a good idea to use bright interior paint. 

A contrasting color, like black or white, adds drama to a room. However, because it makes the home appear smaller than it is, a dark hue such as navy blue should not be used inside the walls. Instead, pick something light since tones with similar hues soften the house's edges and make it look larger.

White, grey, yellow, cream, or a combination of two or more of them are the best options. Because people tend to overlook the ceiling's influence, use the same color scheme on the ceiling as you do on the walls. The ceiling is the fifth wall of your home; let it complement the one that is painted on it.


Take Advantage of Mirrors in Your Home 

Mirrors are often underutilized when it comes to making a space appear larger. Mirrors, on the other hand, are low-cost and simple additions to your property. They reflect light coming through the windows and expand area.

They offer the same visual impact as bright colors on the inside of your home's walls. Place the mirror in an area where it can face the window and reflect the light entering around the space for optimum effects.

If you place the mirror in an odd area of the house, such as a hallway or closet, it will create the impression that there is another section of the home lurking in the background.

 Take Advantage of Mirrors in Your Home

Keep the Windows Open


The first and most important advantage is that it allows ventilation and reduces the amount of humidity. More significantly, it ensures that the home is filled with natural light, making one more likely to look outside. Instead of curtains or drapes, install blinds that are long.

Blinds that are too long make the windows appear larger, but they also give the impression that the space they adorn is greater than usual.


Use the same flooring style throughout the home. 

If you utilize the same flooring in every important room in a single-story home, it will give the impression that the floor extends endlessly, making the space appear larger. All of the rooms would appear to be connected.

Mirrors would enhance this design by reflecting the flooring and making it appear like it covers more ground than it truly does.


It's also important to be economical with the furniture size. 

It does not matter if you live in a single-story home; you may still utilize huge pieces of furniture, as long as you do without the numerous smaller ones.

Many little tables take up space, making the house seem musty. Do not obstruct pathways with pieces of furniture. Also, use multi-functional furnishings such as a desk with drawers to save space because they may store several things that would have occupied table real estate.

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Jan. 25, 2022

How Can I Raise the Value of My Home for Little Money?

Are you prepared to put your house on the market? I'm sure you'd want to increase the value of your property before hunting for a real estate agent. However, if you don't have much money, it may seem difficult to make that happen.

Gutting a bathroom or doing major renovations to it, such as remodeling the kitchen, may improve the value of your home. These are significant improvements that might not provide the best return for money. Don't be concerned; there are several easy and cost-effective methods to help you sell your house faster and save time waiting for potential purchasers.

Here we go…

Exterior Design Ideas for the Backyard

The outside of your home is just as essential as the inside. Creating a place where one can relax and unwind after a hectic day is another important aspect that many house buyers look for. Furthermore, because California receives a lot of sunshine, having a lovely and large backyard may help raise the value of your property.

Backyard makeover

According to research, patios and deck additions in Palm Desert and other Southern California cities where residents can enjoy outdoor activities year-round, give a 100% return on investment.

Make your kitchen more interesting

The kitchen, without a doubt, is an important feature in any home. A well- improving kitchen may increase the value of your property.

According to statistics, kitchen upgrading provides the greatest return on investment in California, ranging from 80 to 100 percent.

spice up your kitchen

On a budget, upgrading your kitchen is not an easy task. Appliances are expensive, so are intricate countertops and cabinets.

However, all is not lost. Even on a budget, you may transform your kitchen to make it appear nice.

You could get new cabinet handles even if your budget doesn't allow for brand-new cabinets. Getting fresh cabinet knobs may give your cabinets a facelift without breaking the bank. You might wish to check ETSY for some high-quality non-generic ones. Furthermore, a $50 refinishing kit can improve the finish on your cabin

Alternatively, if your kitchen's flooring is damaged, you may restore it for a low cost. Linoleum is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood floors that can make your kitchen seem brand new again. You'll get back 100% of your money if you replace old wood flooring.


In Southern California, the sun's UV rays are the most harmful to exterior paint. And homebuyers don't want to see that your paint has been scraped off. It is, nevertheless, an easy fix that makes a huge difference. Painting touch-ups may add up to $1500 in value by increasing property value according to research.

Painting is a great way to update your home while staying on a budget. It is even more cost-effective if you do the job yourself. However, if you decide to go DIY, make sure it's done well because a superb paint job is stunning and gives a positive first impression.

If you're decorating your home, make sure to use neutral colors like pastels and beige since they minimize the importance of brighter colors while still highlighting the space.

Landscaping and improving the curb appeal of your property is a good way to increase its value.

If you're considering selling your home, you should be aware of curb appeal. Do you realize that adding a few flower hedges and shrubs to your property may significantly increase its value? In addition, by planting flowers, you can expect to get between 5% and 12% more for it.

Even if the property is in excellent condition, a run-down landscape may deter a potential buyer. You don't have to hire a landscaper. Mow your lawn, trim your flowers as needed, and plant some if you don't already have any.

Remove any debris from the area.

When you're preparing your house for sale, it's not simply a question of taking pictures. Those photographs could be used in home listings to give prospective buyers an image of the property.

A clean house has a larger, more attractive appearance. Don't be fooled! Clean out your house today and see how it looks through new eyes. You can improve the value of your property by cleaning it. Potential purchasers will pay greater attention to the most important elements of your home after seeing it cleaned.

When cleaning, pay extra attention to the following.

●     The furniture

●     Curtains and Blinds

●     Carpets

●     Windows

●     Front doors and screens

●     Tiles

●     Bathroom

●     Tables

If buyers are coming for private home showings, don't forget to de-stinkify and enliven the atmosphere with a magical smell of "buy me."


Homes with excellent lightning draw housebuyers in. That is why stunning houses are advertised on television with their lights on. It gives the impression of a warm, welcome environment that draws people to it.

Without breaking the bank, you may increase the value of your house by improving its lighting.

How can you do this?

Change your bulbs to high-wattage ones and leave them on when potential buyers come to inspect the property. You may also open your windows and blinds to let in more light by keeping them closed.

Change the Popcorn Ceilings

A popcorn ceiling is a symbol of antiquated design. So, before you put your home on the market, check for yourself. If you can remove a popcorn ceiling, it's simple to do so. You should probably perform this procedure before cleaning because it may be time-consuming.


The benefit of arranging is that it only takes a few minutes of creative thinking and an hour of arranging time. The following are some tips for getting your house in order before a showing:

●     Your kitchen counters must be cleaned.

●     Arrange your throw pillows and cushions

●     Rearranging your furniture to make the most of limited space.

●     Changing the bedding to a new, neutral color

●     Organizing your closets and other storage places

●     Planting potted plants in strategic locations

●     Keeping the doors open. Open doors give your house the appearance of room.

It's also important to remember the restroom. Bathrooms may be remodeled to increase the value of your property. According To The Remodeling Magazine Survey, Even Mini Makeovers Can Provide A 66 PERCENT ROI.

For more information, please contact us.

While the payback on renovation projects like those above varies, doing simple, low-cost home improvement may result in significant profits when it's time to sell. Kay Peterson at (760) 895 0031 or can help you figure out what little enhancements will provide the most value to your property





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Jan. 18, 2022

5 Questions to Ask an Agent Before Putting Your House on the Market in Palm Desert

5 Questions to Ask an Agent Before Putting Your House on the Market in Palm Desert  

When it comes to selling a property in Palm Desert, knowing the appropriate questions to ask your real estate agent is critical. Agents might help speed up the process of selling a house and may significantly reduce the time it takes for a home to go on sale, but they might also make it more difficult. When you work with the wrong person for you or an agent who is concerned about his or her own well-being rather than yours, complications are likely to occur. To discover if the real estate agent you're considering is appropriate for you, though, ask the right questions. It is better to pay attention to the answers he or she provides rather than the queries since if they don't answer them correctly, they may not be worth hiring.

 Questions to Ask an Agent

What Types of Advertising Will You Use to Promote the Property? 

The marketing of real estate is an important part of the selling process since it leads to an increase in demand for the property. There would be a higher probability of raising the asking price if there was enough demand, as interested parties may attempt to outbid each other.

Encourage the real estate professional to explain how he or she plans to market your house to potential purchasers in the market. Also, let them tell you how they plan to make your home stand out among the competition since there will be many homes on the market. Agents may use a variety of marketing techniques, but many would claim to utilize typical methods such as putting the property on real estate websites and adding enticing photos and descriptive content. While those are excellent, look deeper to discover what measures they'll take to ensure the home sells.


What are the most appealing aspects of a home to purchasers? 

Every house in Palm Desert is one-of-a-kind, with its own "selling point." During your first conversations with your agent, inquire what they believe is the property's most appealing feature. It may be the fact that buyers are allowed to modify the home to their liking.

It's also possible that the asking price is cheap when compared to similar homes in the area, resulting in lower monthly payments.

Whatever the cause, a competent agency should be able to respond to this question before your house is put on the market since it should be at the top of the marketing strategy aimed to entice purchasers.


Who is the buyer likely to be for this property? 

The type of house you want to sell, the asking price, the neighborhood, and so on all influence this answer. A buyer of a condo for sale in Cathedral City's heart would be distinct from a luxury residence in Palm Desert, for example.


Factors such as this must be considered, and an expert real estate agent should be able to respond. Of course, different sorts of real estate appeals more to a certain group of people than others. As a result, the response you should get from your agent must be detailed since if they generalize, it implies that they don't know where their target market is.


How Did You Come up with Your Proposed Asking Price? 

The emphasis should not be on the asking price, but on how it is calculated. What methods did they use to estimate the value? All real estate professionals would usually go over your house with you and tell you how much they think it should sell for.

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and one of the first steps toward ensuring that you get what you pay for is to have an idea of what your selling price will be. When buyers are deciding whether or not to make an offer on your house, asking prices are likely one of the most important aspects to consider. People pay whatever they believe

If the price is too high, fewer individuals will be interested even if they are able to negotiate a lower price; if it's too low, you may be losing out on money that could have easily been earned.


What Should I Do to Prepare My Home for Sale? 

The aesthetic of your home may make a big difference in how long it takes to sell. Home sellers frequently spend more time and resources on areas of the property that don't require much attention, when the goal should be to focus on items that would increase profit.

Depending on the situation, they might suggest improvements to certain parts of the property or a full remodel. They may also recommend smaller changes such as painting and upgrading out-of-date essential components of the house (e.g., electric outlets, windows).

Agents are in a better position to assist you with that since they have much more expertise. Once they've looked the property over, they should come up with a list of things for you to do.


Have you ever sold a home in Palm Desert before? 

Even though agents can find out things about an area these days through the internet, it is beneficial to work with an agent like Marvelous Kay that has first-hand experience in home sales in Palm Desert.

This is because they understand the neighborhood's selling points and how to effectively showcase them to a buyer, which will entice them to consider your home.

However, if they have not previously sold a property in Palm Desert, it might be an obstacle. Inquire about how he or she plans to discover important selling aspects of Palm Desert so that they can persuade buyers even more.



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July 31, 2017

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