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Quick Tips for Easy Property Searching

Here are a few quick tips for your searches....

  • We recommend creating searches for one city at a time and including specific areas in each city search. Once you have created a saved search you won't have to re-create the search again to see any changes.
  • For each city search, once you have chosen all of the property details you're looking for, save the search and give it a name.... such as, the city name. The reason for this is that this will result in fewer property results in each city, instead of searching for multiple cities in our valley and ending up with hundreds of properties. This willl be easier to keep track of when you start receiving daily updates from our automated system.
  • You can save as many different searches as you'd like and you will receive daily updates from the system letting you know of any new listings, price changes, expired listings, etc.
  • You can always update your search criteria anytime for each saved search if you decide your original criteria are not getting the results you'd like.