Services We Offer

When you're looking for a new home in the Palm Desert area, it is important to consider all aspects of your purchase. You'll want someone who will be able to answer any questions about floor plans and features that may not have been included with other listings as well as help guide you through various buying processes from contract negotiation to down payment assistance - we've got everything covered!

  • Manufactured Home
  • Property Valuation
  • Refinancing Your Home
  • Rental Search
  • Selling Your Home
  • Foreclosure Searches
  • Home Foreclosures
  • Appraisals

Marvelous Desert Homes In Palm Desert has a variety of services to offer its customers. Whether you're looking for a building or relocation, we can help with everything!

We understand that every family is unique so our team works hard at understanding what will make your next move as easy and stress-free experience possible given all the logistics involved in any type of real estate transaction including negotiation on price & terms; inspection if needed prior/after move-in day which may also involve an unloading service by one provider where another supplies materials used during construction process such as drywall panels etc.; preparing the house before sale finalization.